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Our focus is to support the technology revolution through building highly skilled teams across Cyber Security, Enterprise Software and Advanced Technology sectors across US and EMEA.

Cyber Security

With the expansion of technology globally, we are in an age of increased cyber security threats on a monumental scale. As hackers and cybercriminals develop new ways to access sensitive systems and information, even the largest companies in the world must stay vigilant about security vulnerabilities. We support companies to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring they are hiring the best talent to help their customers stay one step ahead of these cyber threats.

Enterprise Software

As organisations continue their journey to the Cloud, the demand for enterprise software to keep pace and adapt is a critical piece in the technology puzzle. Our consultants have extensive experience of scaling start-ups through to large enterprises across the US and EMEA. We specialise in the following areas:

Our experienced team of consultants have an extensive network of candidates built over a number of years across our divisions. This has allowed us to complete campaigns for the following types of positions:

Advanced Technology

As the quantum leap of technology continues to accelerate faster than ever, the world enters a new reality where technology truly shapes our everyday interactions and the appetite that goes with it. Our understanding of Advance Technology and unparalleled network has allowed us to build teams in the following areas:

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